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One of my greatest fears…

So I was made aware of this initiative happening this month (July) by WritersBootCamp

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Each day they will release a topic. And we are taking part… have to write about that particular topic. So it is day 3 and I start with this topic; one of my greatest fears…

Not Discovering my Niche

I believe we need to live out and follow our passions.

For a number of years (about 12), I have being doing youth ministry.  I have enjoyed it.  because I have been able to express my creativity, my enthusiasm, my people skills, my teaching ability and my leadership ways through what I do.

But I know… a new era is dawning in my life.  I feel it in my soul and bones.

The thing is, I can’t pinpoint what that is exactly.

So, one of my greatest fears… is not finding my niche.

The thing I’m supposed to do with my life.


It’s assumed that a lot of youth pastors… will become ministers… I know for sure… that’s not my calling…

But I don’t know what comes next…


This is a fear that has haunted me and crippled me for a few years…







I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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