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TILL DEATH DO US APART (A short story by Darrel Hofland)

11 June 2014

It was inevitable. Her and him. But it still hurt like hell.
We all met last Tuesday afternoon at our first rehearsal.

Jack, Cindy and I sat at the back row as the script was read out to us.
She was radiant.
Her smile and laugh are what I first noticed.
Jack was comical. And he wasn’t one of those guys who tried too hard. Naturally, he just made people laugh.

Us three, we clicked right from the beginning.

The second day we were assigned our roles.
The title of the play was:

Til’ Death Do Us Apart.

A modern spin of Romeo & Juliet mixed with Bonnie and Clyde.
Perhaps a little cliché, however, if you ever came to watch our show, your opinion would differ.

With his natural charisma, Jack was given the role of Storm, the lead male position.
The two main characters would be Storm and Rain.
Metaphors at their best. Rain in a storm always go hand in hand; they’re inseparable.
And in this script, the love of the two main characters, also inseparable.

Cindy and I were given two smaller scene roles.
Which I didn’t mind. Gave us more time to spend together, between sets.

“Do you want to go for coffee, after this?” I asked her.

“Yes, that’s a great idea. Shall we ask Jack to come too?”

I hesitated momentarily and then responded quickly, “Yeah of course, will be fun, all of us, hanging together.” I didn’t want to come across as exclusive to her.

However, I confess. I fell for her. Yes it had only been two short days…
Call it a crush. Call it what you will. But you can’t blame me.
She was beautiful.
It was like the words floated out of her.
And she was so helpful and kind to everyone around her.
Also with her, she didn’t try too hard.
This was her nature.

Our coffee outing that afternoon was filled with a mixture of emotions.
I was glad to have new friends.
It felt like we had known each other for years.

But I also noticed that afternoon that there seemed to be a chemistry between Jack and Cindy.
I was gutted. But I contained it. Drama lessons probably taught me how.

She would gaze into his eyes, a little longer than normal.
His hand would brush up against hers.
Opening night was approaching soon. Day six had approached.
We had hung out most afternoons since that first coffee.
We excelled in our roles.
I had the people laughing and gasping at my part.
Job well done. I beamed to myself.

I felt alive on the stage.
Under the spotlight, everything else faded away. Literally and figuratively.
Tomorrow night was the big day.
The Downtown Theatre would be packed to the brim.
Confused Drama Productions was always known for putting on outstanding shows.

After our final rehearsal; I noticed Jack and Cindy were nowhere to be seen.

I ran outside.
Not sure, why I felt so frantic inside.
It was probably the tinge of jealousy.

I ran to the rear car park where all our props were kept.
I saw them in the corner bay.

The prop for the final scene was an instrument of death. (With a twisted script of Romeo & Juliet, one would expect something like that.)

The gallows were situated in that corner bay too.
The fake blade hung dormant above them.

They were kissing.

“Til Death Do Us Apart” I mused to myself.


(I woke up with this idea of a short story.  So before work this morning,  I put it together.  Hope you enjoyed it.)



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

7 thoughts on “TILL DEATH DO US APART (A short story by Darrel Hofland)

  1. Darrel. So enjoyed this. You had me from the beginning. Well written and emotionally beautifully portrayed. You have a real gift. I hope you’re developing and growing it.

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