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It’s not just about Jesus…

So I am youth pastor.  And well, this past Friday, I planned a “cultural evening” (if you want to call it that) for our Youth evening.

So for the approaching World Cup each person in our youth group had to “draw” a name of one of the participating World Cup countries.

With that country allotted to them they had to come along with a food item (savoury or sweet) and two interesting facts of “their” country.

I was thrilled with their response!

About 10 countries were represented from Algeria, Netherlands, Japan, Switzerland, Honduras and a few more.

I loved the array of food and facts that we experienced on Friday night.


Now, to be honest, my focus wasn’t necessarily on a message about Jesus.  (I don’t think He is that insecure that He needs to have his “Jesus label” put onto everything…)

But don’t stress (Christian folk); I did end off the evening with a little devotion read out a Christian song played for the teens.


But why I share this is because:

– I focused that Friday night on the diversity of the world.

– I encouraged the teens to learn from other cultures in the world.

– And to celebrate the bigness of the world.


And in the end, I believe God smiled down on the whole evening anyway… because

After all, “He’s got the whole world in His hands.”






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