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The way we pray (A comical look at it)


I’ve been working in the church for ages so I am sure I can take a look at the humourous side of some of the things Christians do.

Let’s look at an example of prayer:

My comments are in the red font.

Dear God, we ask You to come and fill this place.

(We have this misconception; thinking that God is only in some places.  So we have to beg/ask Him to come and be where we are.  As if He is not everywhere?)


We thank you for the seasons of our life.  Like just recently there were many flowers around but now as Autumn (Fall) rolls in their are plenty leaves scattered about us.  We know that you are with us in each season.

(We pray with too much extra information.  Telling God about the flowers and leaves.  Do we think He cannot see His own earth that He created?)


We ask You to be with Joe Soap (I’ve always wondered if there is really someone with this name) who is in stage 4 cancer who is at Hillcrest Hospital on the 2nd floor in room 28, he had a serious coughing bout this past week on Tuesday at 7pm.  We pray for his healing.

(It seems we’re praying to the people in the circle.  Like a sort of “church gossip” place where it’s alright.  we give all the details.  Room numbers / times.  But doesn’t God know the details already?  So why have them in the prayer?)


We pray for the “Fredricks Family” (made up name) whose son, killed himself.  he hung himself on Tuesday.  His mom, Marian who is the principal of the “SO and SO” school. (made up name again)  is very distraught.

(Again too much detail.  So it’s almost as if we there prayer group / church … can all gasp as they hear all the details.  And perhaps some judgement gets throw in too.   Woah, how can the head of a school allow this to happen in her home?)


In Your name we pray,



What do you think?






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