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Squeal at LIVEtheVenue (Durban)

Do you remember blanket shirts? Do you remember the Undertaker from WWE? (He seemed to just keep coming back to wrestle over and over again.)
Do you remember Nokia 3310’s?
Do you remember when the internet had just started?

If you remember those things; then you may just remember the band, Squeal.

Friday, 23rd May 2014, at LIVETheVenue was so rad! (If you are from the 90’s then you know the word: rad)

20140523_231604 (Medium)








This was a nostalgic show to be at. When the frontman, Dave Birch walked on the expectant crowded cheered enthusiastically. (Yes, this gig was actually happening!)

9 years ago was Squeal’s last gig. I must admit, Dave has aged (said respectively) but my goodness his voice is still so incredible!

Like good wine it seemed his vocals had matured!

The set started with the opening track of Squeal’s 1995 debut album: Long Pig. KILLING THE LIGHT>

It was awesome how the words came back to all the crowd as we sang along. (As each song started, I thought “Hey, I remember that song too!)

The band rocked out for about an hour going through all their fan favourites and singles: Necessary, Man and Woman, Candy, See Saw, Runners and Believer.

They ended their main show with their BEST HIT (I am sure a lot of people would agree): Long Pig.

See the video here:

(See, a younger version of Dave there 😉

After that song they walked off (encore expected), and came back on ending off with two newer songs.

LIVE, a brilliant venue for bands, most definitely rocked this past Friday!

After that I really enjoyed the DJ’s choice of music (as the band packed up.)
And I could see by the others on the dance floor; that they were loving it too!

He must have been from our era. We danced along to REM (Radio Free Europe), the Pixies (Gigantic), Pearl Jam (Rear View Mirror), Violent Femmes (Country Death Song), The Cure, Nirvana (Lithium), Soul Asylum (Somebody to show) and my favourite to bust odd dance moves too was “It’s the end of the world as we know it” by REM!

What a kiff evening!
Shot Squeal! Shot LIVE, and big up to that DJ!

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