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I didn’t take a picture

I could have.

I had my phone with me.  I could have snapped a shot and instagram’ed the moment.

But I didn’t.


I just soaked it in instead.

My friend, Nick is out from the UK just for a few days.

We hung out yesterday.

Before he took me home, he had planned to walk along the beach: Winklespruit to Subway; with his mom.

They invited me to join them.


What an awesome way to have started the day!

The sunshine glittering on the ocean.

I wish I could show you what it looked like.

But this time, you are just going to have to believe me.


It was stunning!

I don’t get that opportunity that often, so I really loved that moment.

Sand beneath my toes, water rolling over our feet

Hanging out with good people.





I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

One thought on “I didn’t take a picture

  1. Sometimes we create heart pictures and they are about life for life .
    Precious memories for you and I can see the beauty of your day:)

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