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25 March 2014

I’d like to think I have a dynamic relationship with my very real God. What the heck; He in His mercy would whisper and show me deep truths within my spirit and soul. I recognize that it’s of Him because some thoughts… really can’t be of me… they’re way beyond who I am.

Anyway, I started off 2014, saying I would not be on Facebook from Jan 1 to the end of Lent. Yeah that would have been about 4 and a half months long. Woah! Would I have made it? More than likely.

However, sometimes this great medium of social media can be used for work purposes. Like the inter-church soccer league that I organised.

Then I do found that I am addicted to sharing little gems of inspiration. From great verses to incredible and moving quotes. Heck, why would I want to keep those powerful words too myself? How selfish. I want to share with others.

But anyway in my spending time with God; I felt “the go ahead” from Him to get using my Facebook again. (Thanks Father God, you’re cool like that.)

Because in giving it up (in the first place) was more a response to a relationship than to a religion and a set of rules.
Now God forbid, (for Lent I had given up blogging.) But half way through; I did cheat. I wrote a review for a gig that my friends did. Oh dear, woe is me? I broke my “fast” but too be honest… I didn’t care.
Because in relationship with my God; I felt it was okay.
Now the stiff lipped religious folk would want to frown upon my actions. Tssk! Tssk!
What would I choose? Religion or Relationship?

You guess it.

Not rules and religion! I don’t ever want those things to box me.

Back to what I wanted to say:
Communication is awesome! A bit of a redundant statement there.

From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram and gosh those are only 3 of the many social media outlets…
People share their lives.
People have used the internet to communicate.

It’s the heart of each person.
We want to be heard, is that crime?
We want to be appreciated, is that wrong?

We dig it when someone likes a picture we have posted on Instagram.
I love it when people visit my blog. Who knows; maybe my little words would encourage them and make them smile.

Communication is key.
Communication is good.
No need to hate on it!


Let’s be thankful for quotes we can share.
Let’s be thankful for our artistry we can display.
I like hearing good stories. Don’t you?

On WhatsApp one can create groups. On my phone I have about 15 groups. These cover by Tuesday Night Soccer, Wednesday Soccer, worship team, youth group, youth parents… etc. The point is I have a lot of groups. What do I like about them?

I like that it brings people together in a certain way. It gets friend’s communicating. My favourite group is one that has all our guy friends in it. From Cape Town to Durban to London to Joburg. All are connected by the simple genius of social media.

I don’t get it; when people are such “group haters” and immediately leave a group when too much talking goes on? They use an excuse that their phone makes a noise each time a message comes through… then set your notifications to silent.
It’s not that difficult!


Okay, okay, so I know what your hesitations may be…
Yes, there is a lot of crap things that have gone down with all this social media.

So, it is true. We have to guard our hearts and watch our actions online.
Agreed, I’ve indeed read countless blogs and posts about that.

Lust is on a rampage!
Hate speech carries way too much bitterness.
Attacking people with statuses gets done way too much!!!

Yes, with all things there is the flip side.
So do be careful.

Another thing on the flip side (while we’re there); I want to mention this:

My friend and I have this saying. When him and I are going to enjoy a concert or a kiff (yeah, that word can still be used) experience we will say let’s “John Mayer” this. Meaning?

In one of his songs he has this lyric:
“Didn’t have a camera by my side this time
Hoping I would see the world with both my eyes…
You should have seen that sunrise with your own eyes
it brought me back to life
You’ll be with me next time I go outside just no more 3×5’s Guess you had to be there” (3×5)

Recently I watched Biffy Clyro (a band from Scotland live) and there was one guy who probably filmed the whole set with his camera and then the video function on his phone too. He was behind the lens the whole time…

So he was there at the concert but really wasn’t there in the experience.
I felt sad for him.

Communication is grand.
But sometimes you don’t need to Instagram every moment.
Or tweet about everything you’re doing.

Just go and live!
And one day, you can stop with friends, over coffee or a meal and share your adventures and stories.

How about that?

So this a shout out. A celebration to the positive side of communication!

We are seen.
We are known.
That’s God idea anyway.

I’ve had this song by MAE – Communication in my head for some time now.

Take it or leave it:

Thanks for letting me communicate!



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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