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Connecting Stars at The Barnyard Theatre (Gateway)

Life is often busy and noisy. However, on Monday night (24 March 2014), it seemed the world had a repose. There at the Barnyard Theatre, the incredible innovators of Martin and Cheryl Engel organized the most amazing gig. Their band Connecting Stars and many talented local artists, blew us away with their inspiring heart felt music.

IMG_1692 (Large)

With their debut album just recently released; they showcased all their songs on that album.

And they brought all their friends along too. The stage was graced with the presence and talent of John Ellis, Nibs van der Spuy, TRESOR and the young Rowan Stuart.

Their first single PIECES was a crowd favourite. Thanks to East Coast Radio; it has already had some good airplay.

I really enjoyed seeing Tresor (a muso from Congo) and Connecting Stars playing together his reggae feeling song: COMPLETE.

IMG_1706 (Large)

(Official Music Video for that song, click HERE )

Cheryl has the most incredible voice and vocal range.  Her voice had everyone in the room listening in awe; and paying attention to her heart-stirring lyrics.  (This band is going places!  Watch this space.)

What a great evening! Having Nibs, Rowan and John Ellis all displaying their brilliant skills on their guitars.

Martin and Cheryl also shared a vision of theirs as Connecting Stars to CONNECT local businesses with local smaller community carers and world changers.

Subscribe to their YouTube channel here for more news on that coming soon:

Connecting Stars YouTube Channel

“Your pieces, my pieces somehow they fit, caught up in this endless moment.”

(Be warned this song will have you singing / humming along for hours afterwards)

IMG_1703 (Large)

Connecting Stars first single here:



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9 thoughts on “Connecting Stars at The Barnyard Theatre (Gateway)

  1. Really enjoyed the concert bro! Thanks for the invite! Very talented group of musicians with an extremely worthy cause very cool!

    1. I always laugh. If I comment on your blog you always feel “obliged” to comment on mine.

      I promise I won’t be upset if you don’t comment on mine 😉 haha

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