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One of my favourite roads…

Okay okay, before Lent begins I want to write another blog…

There is a favourite road of mine nearby…

In Hillcrest; where I live there is an area called Winston Park. I am currently house sitting there.

Its a stunning neighbourhood.

Now there is this road that is about 3km long that you have to drive along to get into this pleasant neighbourhood.

The road is call Jan Smuts Avenue.
And what makes this avenue so beautiful are the trees!

For the entire length of that road there is a row on each side; of these tall trees that tower of us as we drive through.

(I will try upload a photo tomorrow)

But wow! It’s absolutely breath taking!
When the afternoon suns rays shine through the trees…
When the rain pitter patters on the leaves…
When autumn comes around and the leaves float to ground and they crunch under your feet…

The melody of nature 🙂

Then when I either drive in or out of the neighbour and either end are four way stops.
There are often domestic workers (maids and gardeners) who require a lift.

I love helping.
On my favourite stretch of road I get to express some good humanity and help others.
That walk is long…
I have space in my car…
So I can extend an action of grace…

Ah; one day I hope you get to drive along one of my favourite roads…

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