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Why is “calling” always like this? (I disagree)

I came across this article from Relevant Magazine.
(Love their articles, mostly: Relevant (pun not intended) and non – cheesy.)

But this paragraph from a recent article annoyed me a bit:

Our calling was never meant to be easy. It sounds glamorous when we talk about our dreams and all the awe-inspiring things we believe God is birthing out of us: planting a new church, starting a worship team, beginning a ministry or going on a mission trip. Yet, when we find ourselves in the middle of the desert or valley in pursuit of that calling, we can begin to question whether our dreams were actually God-inspired. Even worse, we doubt our ability to keep moving forward to see the calling through to completion.

This is too narrow minded for me.
Why does “calling” always have to do with the church?
I’ve read many articles like this.
They pump out all the “cliche callings”

planting a church, worship team, begin a ministry, a mission trip.


The church are giving people a narrow view of what calling is about…

Could not CALLING also refer to:

Starting a business
Becoming a teacher
Saying “yes”
Join a sport’s team
Go travelling
Study law
Write a story book (not even a Christian one ;))
Being a dad or mom

I believe God calls us to things that are also OUTSIDE of all these church things we keep getting told about.

Do my thoughts here, make sense?



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2 thoughts on “Why is “calling” always like this? (I disagree)

  1. I agree, we’ve been looking at this with Reign lately, I don’t know what my calling is yet, I’m praying and exploring it, but what I know is that the spiritual gifts that I have shouldn’t just be used on Sundays in church, or any day Just in church, and this is clear to me, I love caring about people, and that’s something I have to take into my every day life, I need to show my care and compassion to my family and friends, whether Christians or not, and anyone I come across every day, at shops, work, just walking about in Bicester, a lot of the times, I’m not in a church building, or with other Christians to say, we are the church, I’m around loved ones that hardly know Christ, as Jesus said to the pharisees, he didn’t come for the righteous, but the sinners, the healthy don’t need a doctor, the sick and poor do, I’m sure for you Darrel I won’t have to go into more depth for the meaning of this, and at the same time, I care for and love on my Church family as well, when times are difficult and they need encouragement,God often puts something on my heart, even if it’s an action, arriving early to set things up, sorting out the tea and coffee, setting up sound, even just praying for them, I agree that our calling isn’t just something in the church, I mean, if it was, there’d be no shop workers, there’d be no transport links, there’d be nowhere for us to buy our ‘luxuries, because we’d all be setting up churches, we’d all be out on mission, we’d be everywhere else other than where God wants us

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