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I come alive! (8 hours)

Sometimes we really need to just pause and celebrate our lives.

On Saturday, I got to race in my first mountain bike race. 25km at the Wartburg Challenge.
I loved the race. I felt so alive!
I did pretty well. 1hr36min.

Then I drove for about an hour and a half to Zinkwazi to spend time with family and friends.


I was there for 8 waking hours.
The distance was far. But it was worth it!

For a moment to swim in the beautiful indian ocean.
Have beach sand sifting through my toes.
Ultimate Frisbee on the beach with some friends.
Sharing stories around a braai.
Sipping on beer.
Holding my niece for awhile.
Sitting on the beach with my bro.

By 10pm; I couldn’t stay awake. That bike ride must have taken it out on me…

Then I had 8 hours blissful sleep. Falling asleep to the sound of the nearby waves crashing on the shore.

Then Sunday; I hit the road again…
As I drove back home;
I felt so alive.
I saw the palm trees scattered along the North Coastal hills.


Then Sunday afternoon found me; playing soccer with mates.
There was a slight rain…

Came back with muddy football boots.

Ah, felt so stoked!
What a fun weekend.

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