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18 February 2014

I took a photo (and video) of this bug. I mused about how it looked so colourful and animated.

IMG_1634 (Medium)

My boss, Andrew (click HERE for his blog); teased me saying; “Hope you’re not going to blog about that, are you?”

So here is the blog. But really; it’s not about BUGS.
I did get your attention; however. So while you are here. Here is what happened this morning:

The staff from my church went to visit a previous staff member and friend in Nottingham Road on the Midlands Meander. Wow, what a beautiful place.

For me; one of my favourite moments of the day; was when my two ministers: Andrew and Chris, and I walked down to the dam.

Walking among the long grass, sun beating down on us. The noise of the wind in the trees. I felt so alive being out in the countryside.

The clouds puffing up their presence. I stood under them august. Then Andrew and I swam across the length of the dam twice.
Was tiring. (We’re un-swimming-fit.)
But afterwards; it felt like my soul within was shouting: I AM ALIVE!!!

IMG_1627 (Medium) IMG_1630 (Medium) IMG_1631 (Medium) IMG_1632 (Medium)

In a job (ministry) where I get to help others hear God in the NOISE of life; this moment of peace and quiet. This time to retreat from the ordinary was an extra-ordinary moment.

For me; it’s important to allow experiences where our soul screams in gratitude.

Would you agree?



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