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19 February 2014

Catherine and I are dating long distance. (Yeah, at times that has been tough.) But we’re making the most of this season and stage of our lives. We enjoy each chapter that we’re given.

So over the last few days she visited. We had some beautiful moments together.
Here are some pictures from the experience.

From sunrise chasing on the beach to swimming in the sea to a picnic in Durban Botanical Gardens to a home cooked meal by candlelight.
It was incredible having her around. She sees me and for that I am so grateful.

IMG_1544 (Medium) IMG_1555 (Medium) IMG_1557 (Medium) IMG_1590 (Medium) IMG_1597 (Medium) IMG_1600 (Medium) IMG_1602 (Medium) IMG_1610 (Medium) IMG_1619 (Medium)

On Saturday morning we drove up to Nottingham Road to visit a friend. My mom accompanied us for the day. We stopped at the Nelson Mandela Capture site. As Catherine and my mom drove in the car behind me; I smiled to myself.

For the longest part of my life; I have always wanted a girlfriend to drive the Midlands Meander with and I realised then “That, this is happening!”

Stoked! Thankful.

And as writing this blog; I thought of this:

My life has been colourful thus far. And now Catherine is adding new colours to it.”
Heck yeah! 🙂



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