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9 February 2014

 (Disclaimer.  These are honestly my own thoughts penned into letter form.  Maybe these words touch a nerve.  If the shoe fits; then so be it.) 

 domestic workers

“Thank you for the lift to the station”

It’s the least I could do, I think to myself.

She could have probably thought the same thing: Yep, It is the least you can do.  I still have two hours left of my journey; to get home.


A Saturday afternoon, dear madam/ sir, you have kindly dropped me off at the station.

You don’t call me maid anymore; you say “domestic worker.”  Oh how nice of you to be politically correct.  But what’s in a name?  My journey is still so far…


I board the train for a fee.  The trip is about 40 minutes or so.  Stop, start.  Stop, start.  I look forward to seeing my loved ones later.

 I then arrive at the taxi rank.  I find the appropriate taxi; pay some more for my transport and head on a nerve-wracking journey homeward bound.

 (I, too panic with the way these men drive.  I hear and understand the general concern of our country in regards to these maniacs.)  But what other options do I have?  Nothing really…


Eventually, I arrive home.  I am thankful this taxi gets me to the edge our township. (The name you have dubbed the places we stay in.)

 I then walk down the first road, veer left, then turn into the right road and I finally arrive home.

My little ones run to the door to greet me.  (My favourite part of the day.  To see their beaming smiles as they hug my legs.  My daughter she is so small.)


That trip took me two hours plus some to get home.  Mind you; it takes me about that amount of time to get to your (sir / madam) place too.  So if you do the Maths; that’s almost 5 hours of travelling.

 It’s tough.  But I hope with the few Rand I get to save (say R20 or R30); I can send my oldest to D.U.T. to study.  He hopes to be an engineer.


I hope to help realise his dreams.

Life is hard!  There is truth to that.

Yet, I am not going to spend all my energy complaining.

 I just hope these words paint a perspective for you.

 Thank you for the job you have given me.  I hope I have cleaned your house well?

Yours sincerely,

(Insert “my name” here)



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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