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9 February 2014

 (Disclaimer. I doubt you will ever read this.  I doubt I will ever fully understand.  I write to express my continued frustration.  I am from a country of diverse cultures and world views.  I write as a release.  Not as an attack.  But I am frustrated.  I am battling to figure it out.  So allow me these words.  As a thinker and a writer; I always feel better when I have journalled words.  So this is what I am doing here.)


I don’t understand the arrogance and recklessness of how you drive.

And your blatant disregard for a lot of the rules of our roads.


What gives you the right to just stop wherever you like to drop off and pick up passengers?  To not indicate?  (Your hand out the window is not a proper indicator.)  To just drive so dangerously cutting in and swerving to and fro.

 I am not alone in saying that you make my blood boil.  Your inconsideration is menacing!

 I’ve been told how there is one “head honcho” who owns a fleet of taxis and gives you the driver; a job.  You need to reach a daily quota.  That money goes to the taxi owners.  You take whatever income comes in after you have reached the daily quota.  So yes, you are hoping to make some money each day.  I understand that.  We all need money.


But to drive so irresponsibly and with such an attitude; why do so?

The stats have shown; many road accidents are caused by taxis.

Our struggling government had tried providing buses (in the bigger cities) to help with public transport.  You and your friends burnt those vehicles to the ground!!


 I have lived in other countries and seen in others how those taxi drivers obey the rules of the road.  What makes you exempt from those rules?

 If you want to strike; strike for SOMETHING that matters.  Get our Road departments to make designated stops for your vehicles.  Then for crying out loud; use those only!

 I get that feeling you don’t give a shit for the value of human life.  And that greed is your motive.


I am a frustrated fellow South African still trying to understand your ways.

Will I ever be enlightened?


Yours respectively,

Citizen of a third world country wondering if it would ever evolve to first world one.



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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