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Dear Beggar, I lied…

Dear Beggar,

I doubt you will read this; but I still send out this apology to you.

Yesterday at the traffic lights, when I saw you begging and you asked me for money, I lied to u.

I said that I didn’t have money.
I lied to you and in front of the people in my car.

Truth is; I did have money with me.
But truth is, I DON’T like giving money to beggars.

My main reason is that I don’t know what you would do with the money.

I am scared you may use it for bad things. I really don’t know.

But another truth is:

Usually, I do have peanuts in little bags in my car; that I give out to people who are hungry.

i AM sorry that I didn’t have any bags in my car with me yesterday…

I am also sorry that I really can’t do much more than that for you.

I do hope the bag of peanuts satisfy an immediate hunger.
I also pray/hope my friendliness gives you a little bit of dignity.

My commitment is to be more diligent in having those bags of peanuts in my car more often.

Yours sincerely,
A driver

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