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God, with a big stick…

I came across this quote yesterday:

At a church dinner, there was a pile of apples on one end of a table with a sign that read, “Take Only One Apple, Please. God Is Watching.” On the other end of the table was a pile of cookies where a youth had placed a sign saying, “Take All The Cookies You Want. God Is Watching The Apples.”       Unknown

Loved it! Hope (again) you can appreciate the sense of humour here.

bowl-of-apples (Medium)

I loved the tongue in cheek look at theology (belief) in God here.  Sadly; people live as if God is holding a big stick waiting to beat them for all the bad things they do.  Such a shame to have such a view of God…



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4 thoughts on “God, with a big stick…

  1. It should be simple, elementary really. Reminds me of something my dad wrote in a manuscript (never published) : ‘The problem with modern theology is this: A very simple concept (faith) became so complicated by men’s ideology and ego that it became almost unrecognizable.

    Refreshing post Darryl, keep it up!

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