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Human Emotions (imagine the up and down of it)

I watched the highlights this morning of the Manchester United vs Sunderland game in the Capital One Cup semi final.

Man-United-V-Sunderland (Medium)

Both teams competed last night at Old Trafford for a place in the Final of the Capital One Cup.
I can just imagine the emotion and tension in that stadium last night.

After the regulation time, both teams were equal on aggregate.
So extra time had to be played.

So that’s another 30 minutes of playing.
Both teams must have been exhausted!
Bearing in mind that with extra time the game goes on till 120 minutes of play.
At 118 minutes, Sunderland score another goal.
They were SURELY going through to the final.

Imagine the despair of the Man United fans? And imagine the jubilation of the Sunderland supporters.
Then within a minute Man United score another goal. 119 minutes.
Can you handles that?

Now the emotions tip to the other side.
Manchester United fans have renewed belief that they could make it through.

Whistle blows.
Penalty shootout.

Three players from each side fire their shots wide or have their shots saved by the opposing keeper.
Woah! Very intense indeed.

Can you feel the tension and sense the silence in that stadium?

Then Mannone saves a shot at goal. He gets his team (Sunderland) through to the final.
Consumed by despair; where the Manchester United supporters.
And overflowing with jubilation were the Sunderland fans.

All that emotion in one place…



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