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My tube bag

Hillcrest-20140122-00988 (Medium)

I keep thanking God for the most incredible people I have met in my 33 years of living.
I have worked in different churches. Lived in different countries.
I have collected stories and memories with many of the people I have met.
Different nationalities. Different world views.
I am thankful.

When I lived in East London (Eastern Cape, South Africa); a guy named Anton, gave me this bag before I left for the UK dubbing it:

“Your tube bag”

He told me to use this bag in the tubes. To carry whatever I needed to carry to and fro.
This bag carries many memories for me.
I have gone up and down that London Underground (Tube)
This bag has carried, work stuff.
It has carried clothes for staying over with a friend.

This bag is just a bag and yet its not just a bag.
It reminds me.
And I don’t ever want to forget.

Now, I use my bag, to carry my laptop to work and as I ride to work carrying this bag.
I smile.
Again, I am thankful



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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