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Comforting breasts

Yes I made you look! haha!

Season Chicken Breasts (Medium)

I really hope you see the humour in this. “And if you don’t; what am I supposed to do? ;)” (said in a Dave Matthew’s accent)

So this morning I went to an induction service at a local school.
The head boy had the duty of reading the passage: Isaiah 66: 7 – 14
And a duty is what it seemed to be.
But I had to chuckle to myself when he got to verse 11:

“For you will feed and be satisfied at her comforting breasts.”

Because all the way up to this point, he really read lacklustre.
Then it was as if he paused after that phrase: “comforting breasts.”

Did no one else spot the humour in this? (Because no one in the chapel, chuckled)
Or being one of those “proper” schools, perhaps laughing needs to be left at the entrance?

Why did this young man pause at this point?

Either; he was adding dramatic affect. (Good timing, my friend!)
Or he had a quick thought to himself: “Hang on, did I just read what I think I read?” “Maybe I should read more of this Bible book?”

Haha! Too funny!
What a great humourous way to start off my day.
To see the passage in its CONTEXT do click HERE



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