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Hard Rock Cafe – Johannesburg

IMG_1465 (Medium)

After the incredible Bastille gig, my friend Darren, had a surprise for me.

He said, that we were to meet in Sandton at Nelson Mandela Square.

As Catherine and I approached the square my being exclaimed with glee
There in the corner of the square I saw the unmistakable lights of the Hard Rock Cafe

IMG_1462 (Medium)

I was in absolute bliss.
This cafe carries a sense of nostalgia in me.
I wrote THIS about it a few months back.

I am a massive fan of this place. Music is my thing. My passion.
And to be in a place with awesome music videos / amazing rock memorabilia, I was uber stoked!

Sitting inside, it could have been like I was sitting in any of the cafes in Europe.
I felt like a tourist.
I felt alive.
And this, is all in my very own country!

Am stoked that there is now a Hard Rock Cafe Johannesburg

What an incredible evening!
Here are some more pictures from the night:

IMG_1463 (Medium)

IMG_1466 (Medium)

IMG_1467 (Medium)

IMG_1469 (Medium)

IMG_1471 (Medium)

IMG_1481 (Medium)

The ambiance of the place is vibey. it’s noisy. But that’s what you want from a place like this
The food selection on the menu is ample.
Prices are a bit high. (But then again tourists and locals from Joburg can afford it.)

Go and check this place out! Worth it!



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