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Dear Hitchhiker

Dear Hitchhiker,

Yes, I did see you standing on the side of the road with the sign or your thumb up…
As I whizzed past…


You see, I have a dilemma.
It’s because of dear hijacker (maybe I shouldn’t call them “dear”) that this dilemma arose.
I feel bad as I drive past you.
Maybe you think bad things about me?

Maybe you think I am unkind or uncaring and not helpful.
But I promise it’s not that.
I would love to help you.

But I have heard stories about what “not so dear” hijacker has done to many people…
So, I am scared.
I am not a good judge of character.
There is that saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” … there is some truth to it.
So as I drive on my OWN, I am cautious. I am scared.

I don’t want my life ended in such a tragic way.
So I have a dilemma. I wish you could really know me for the kind and caring person I am.

But it’s “not so dear” hijacker that has messed that up for you and I…

So as I drive past, and you wait for a lift.
I wish you a pleasant day. I hope you do get to your destination.

Here is a great saying I came across, that may get you thinking as you wait:

“The true worth of your travels lies not in the destination but in who you came to be along the way.”

Yours sincerely,



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

11 thoughts on “Dear Hitchhiker

  1. dude i get that every time i drive from ladysmith to pmb. i have plenty of space in my car, music and aircon and i’d love to share it if only i trusted the person i was helping to not kill me.

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