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Bastille – Johannesburg

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Bastille were simply incredible!
As you can see from the picture, we were far back, but this was the type of gig, where I wasn’t too phased about the proximity to the stage.
I was with good friends;

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Ready to enjoy a great afternoon in the scorching heat of another beautiful summer day in Johannesburg.
The vibe, the atmosphere that afternoon rolled all the way up and down the hill in the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.

People all around were basking in the sun, some hiding under umbrellas, drinking beer, laughing and chatting; all around: happiness.
Was a beautiful moment entering 2014.

Matthew Mole started off the proceedings with his soulful and good nature(d) songs and humour.

Followed by other great local bands: Beatenburg and Bed on Bricks.

While waiting we were greeted by a typical South African summer afternoon rain shower. Lasting only about 20 minutes, everything was soaked. But it was also a welcomed rain to cool us all down.

The crowd were still good spirits as the DJ cleverly played fitting songs while we waited:

“I got sunshine on a cloudy day…” Timely!

Bastille played all the crowd favourites:

“These are the things, the things we lost The things we lost in the fire fire fire”

It was wonderful to see most of the crowd singing and dancing along.
How could you really stand still during a band like that?

One of my favourite songs on the Bad Blood album:

“When all of your flaws and all of my flaws
Are laid out one by one
A wonderful part of the mess that we made
We pick ourselves undone”

was a lot of fun for me to sing along and dance to.
An amazing Summer afternoon indeed…

It was awesome to see the crowd not being partypoopers when Dan Smith (front man) asked us to get down and then jump up in the chorus of the fan favourite: Of the Night. (A cover of two familiar songs of our childhood)

“Rhythm is a dancer,
It’s a souls companion,
People feel it everywhere,
Lift your hands and voices,
Free your mind and join us”

For me the most moving moment was when they sung Durban Skies.
A song, that Dan wrote for his parents who are South African and are from Durban.

This is a song that “transports” you.
And the lyrics are absolutely stunning:

“In this town, it all went down
Our chromosomes in sepia tones
In my mind, in my mind

Where you lead your lives
Before from our small island
Brought right back to these shores
To these shores, to these shores

It’s alive, It’s alive
When I see it through your eyes”

I am so thankful I got to go to this gig. What a brilliant start to the new year!

IMG_1429 (Medium) IMG_1436 (Medium) IMG_1444 (Medium) IMG_1446 (Medium) IMG_1448 (Medium) IMG_1453 (Medium)

The show ended off with their radio hit: Pompeii

“I was left to my own devices…” Bastille

Thanks to my legendary friend

Darren for the ticket.

I dig this picture. He looks like, um, what’s that guy? Jason Mraz… haha! Well at least his style 😉

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