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(Letting Go People)

7 January 2014

Our lives are full of chapters and full of people. Working for 5 different churches, living in 3 different countries over the last few years, I have gathered and met a bunch of interesting people.

Yet, the truth is. Many people will come into your life
And many will go again…

Over the last few months I have come to term with that.
It has been weird to think of how important and dearly loved certain people were to me for certain years of my life.
A few years down the line; I still remember them. But recently I felt forgotten.
I felt unimportant to them.

At first, I was hurt.
But the more I sat with those feelings and with that reality;
I came to this conclusion:

That life IS about chapters and seasons with certain people.
Yes, in each chapter (season) you may keep a trusted friend and comrade.
They seem to stay on through the ages. (Be thankful for those people.  How about telling/encouraging them that now?)

So the lesson and thought I had was:
I have given my best to those people in those years that we got to share.
One cannot keep “spreading themselves” so thin over the years…
It’s not effective!
So always embrace the “here and now” of the people who are currently with you.

And those friends over the months and miles, that will stay… WILL stay.


(They’re the ones who may read this post) and NOT be concerned (or freak out!); thinking that I may be “writing” them off.

This is for me, is closure, in not always having to hold on so tightly to EVERYONE…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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