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Sometimes we have to break that jar…

On Sunday 22nd we had this most stunning display of flowers in our church:

1501356_634486236613961_1038573439_o (Medium) Hillcrest-20131222-00913 (Medium) Hillcrest-20131222-00914 (Medium)

The three part display was to capture the trinity of God.  It was indeed an extravagant display!  It was beautiful!

And sometimes we have to do the most beautiful thing.
Sometimes we need to break that jar…
At all times we need to love extravagantly:

There is this story of this lady who pours expensive perfume over Jesus. (Luke 7)
Why? It was an expression of her love for him.

Why the BIG display of flowers? An expression of love perhaps?
So here we are; end of 2013, and approaching 2014.
I want to wish you a happy new year!

I want to challenge you to go into the next year, with that life of expressing extravagant love and care.
Don’t “calculate” the costs…

Just go ahead and break that jar…

Happy New Year’s 2014!



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