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The Old Drum Kit Parable (A Christmas Tale)

“Come they told him, pa rupa pum pum”

And I, went with him.  That little drummer boy.  I was covered with new skin.  I gave my best sound.  It was a joyful noise!  (All drummers would agree.)

I was committed to my cause.  To my passion.  The band depended on my rhythm and my beats.

I remember sitting in the front of the church hearing the preacher read one of the psalms encouraging us to “praise Him with the clash of the cymbals, praise him with resounding cymbals.”  I beamed with pride.  “That’s me!  That’s what I do; that’s my calling,” I reverberated to myself.

I am not telling you all this to be boastful.  Not at all!  I was just thankful that I knew what my life calling was and I got to express that each week. Until…

Until, he arrived. Ludwick; with his new skins, his louder sound.

I was replaced.  I was discarded on the rubbish dump outside.  I thought that was the end of me… I stood in the rain.  I felt neglected.  I felt out of tune…

What was to become of me?




So I thought…?

The she came along and picked me up.  Me, with all my broken pieces.  She rescued me despite my fallen apart state.  She was my saviour.

She gave me a new purpose.

After some creative flare, tenderness and a careful reformation; I was in use again.  I was given a new life.

I became new.

Here are some pictures of who my rescuer turned me into:

IMG_1307 (Medium) IMG_1308 (Medium) IMG_1309 (Medium) IMG_1311 (Medium) IMG_1313 (Medium)

I once was an old neglected drum kit.  Now I have been transformed to radiate some beautiful displays of nature.

“I once was lost but now I am found.”

The End.


Now, to you, my friend (may, I call you that?)

There is a life parallel to this tale.

The message of Christmas is like the life of that old drum kit.

When life seems to have come to an end?  Know this:

“God makes beautiful things out of the dust, He makes beautiful things out of us.” (From a Gungor song: Beautiful Things)

This Christmas, I want you to be encouraged.

We celebrate the birth of Jesus.

He came to turn this upside down world, right side up.

He came to take the “discarded drum kits” of the world and give them a new purpose.

You may feel your current purpose / passion / life path has come to an end.

Please, don’t despair.  God has not forgotten you.

A new era, a new season is at hand.

Now, that’s good news!

Merry Christmas!



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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