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Uncanny connection of songs…

The weirdest thing happened yesterday in my car.

At any time I put a random selection of albums on my USB stick to play in my car as I drive around.

Yesterday, there was the most uncanny connection of songs.

Like two perspectives meeting.

Two world views.  One filled with hope.  The other, rather pessimistic.

Hope meets anger.  Mellow styled song meets one packed with angst.

Now, remember, my songs I put on random.  So first song to play was Jars of Clay – Love came down at Christmas:

The next one to play was The Used – Iddy Biddy:

Now what is “weird” for me… was how the lyrics joined.

Did you maybe guess, I am a lyrics guy? 😉

So this is what I heard (observed).  Jars of Clay songs ends with these words:

Love for the 10 commandments
Love for the 9 that dress so fine
Love for the 8 that stood at the gate
Love for the 7 who went up to Heaven
Love for the 6 that never got fixed
Love for the 5 that stayed alive
Love for the 4 that stood at the door
Love for the Hebrew children
Love from the iddy biddy, baby

and The Used starts with:

I’ll take one for the money cause I’ve already paid,
I’ll take two for the lava under shifting of plates.
I’ll take three for South America distorted in Gondwana.
Call me up down under when they kill Captain America

(Chorus first line): Why can’t I sing for the Little Biddy baby?

So do you see what I see?  Do you notice want I did in my car?

The first song mentions “iddy biddy” baby in the last line, then the song that follows is called: Iddy Biddy.  Check.   That’s cool!

Then the first song; ends with a countdown.  And the one that follows starts with counting “I’ll take one…” Check.  Again, that’s cool!

I don’t know why I have such a keen ear for lyrics, but feel proud to have noticed this connection.

Well, take it or leave it.




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