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Dropping off gifts…

On a chilly Summer afternoon (ironic), I took four of my youth down into Embo (local village) with the staff of Hillcrest Aid’s Centre.



Here we joined in with the many kids in having a “little party” where they received a meal and then some sweet snacks afterwards.
We then distributed Christmas Gift bags to the grateful kids. The bags included some sweets, a book to colour in, crayons, some toys, some shoes and a blanket.
To see the joy and gratitude was moving.

We not be able to speak the local language of Zulu, but the thanks could be “seen” and “experienced”

A highlight was to see the fun the kids were having when one of the children was blowing bubbles (a toy). They ran around popping the bubbles. 🙂

After the handing out of the presents the kids performed for us.

Check out these two short clips just to share the experience:




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