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At the rail

I walk into the “coffee shop” section of this service station.
The morning is young.
“Beautiful War” by Kings of Leon plays through the radio.
Stirring my coffee,
I ponder the night before.
From 9am yesterday morning we waited outside, 4th in line for the Dave Matthews Band show in Joburg.
We wanted to be at the rail for the gig.
Waiting was long.
But the people we met “on the way”
(In the line)
Made for the beauty of the moment and life…

I will write more about the actual show soon.
But for me the highlight was the amazing group of people I was with at the rail.
And the generosity of spirit encountered there.
With 5 of us in our party; we had only 3 rail spaces. The constant swopping and sharing the rail was moving.
At one stage (referring to a girl we met earlier that day – she had a Grey Street tattoo)
One of DMB’s songs.
She unfortunately didn’t get to the rail.
However in a brilliant moment (and a stroke of God’s hand)
My brother made some rail space… For this girl (Jess); the one with the Grey Street tattoo to stand at.
She was overly emotional! Why?
Funnily, my brother didn’t realise the immaculate timing of his decision.
As “grey street” started that’s when he moved over.
For this young lady”s favourite song she got to stand by the rail. Tears of joy and nostalgia falling from her eyes.
(Funny thing, my brother is not very good with song titles and recognition of some of them)
So when he moved aside for the “grey street tattoo girl”
He couldn’t have moved and a more appropriate time!
So uncanny!

More to follow about the show…
Watch this space.



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