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What an amazing afternoon!

I had such an amazing afternoon yesterday!
My brother and I had organised to watch some bands together.
I got there an hour and a half before (in order to secure our tickets – another blog on its own)

I found a little tree offering some shade.
Pull out my book and read.
Lying in the sun, soaking in the rays and words.
What a pleasant moment.
With a tan on my legs, that title “burn after reading” carried new meaning. (Haha)

All the bands that played offered something unique and fun to the stage and atmosphere.
Jeremy Loops I really enjoyed.

Eventually, Seether took to the stage. Wow!
As marketed, it was an intimate experience and a whole lot of fun too.
Memorable songs and new ones.
Loved it!

There was my brother and I dancing and singing along to the band.
The warm summer evening was about us.
I glanced around and upwards looking at the sky and others having a real cool time.

I kept thinking of what Rob Bell mentioned (in the last book I read) about a moment having “kavod.”

Kavod, of Hebrew origin meaning that there was “weight” in that moment.

Something more going on.

For me, rocking out with my brother. I felt that KAVOD.
It was more than a music show for me, it was quality time.

Loved it!
Then to end off the day, we went for delicious chocchinna (blend of coffee / hot chocolate) at a local coffee shop.

Coffee and conversation
Brothers and bonding
Afternoon was Awesome!



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