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Mr Price Sport Blog Olympics 2013

Yesterday, I went to go watch some of the Blog Olympics down at Moses Mabhida Stadium.
My friend, so I went to support her.

IMG_1091 (Medium)

This was an event organized by Mr Price Sport

Was enjoyable to see some online geeks [Said, with respect, I promise ;)] compete in some random and wacky activities such as throwing a frisbee, bouncing a ball, hacky sack and an obstacle course (see photos below).
(However, I do reckon I would have been more competitive for the Durban Crew. haha!)

IMG_1086 (Medium)

IMG_1087 (Medium)

IMG_1088 (Medium)

IMG_1090 (Medium)

IMG_1092 (Medium)

IMG_1094 (Medium)

IMG_1095 (Medium)

With East Coast Radio providing some good tunes; the event was a great day under brilliant Durban skies.
Thanks to all involved.

Click HERE to know what bloggers took part.



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