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Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt (An album review)

12 November 2013

Pearl Jam (PJ) are back with their tenth studio album. For those who group in the nineties listening to Pearl Jam’s earlier records this latest offering will have you smiling and holding onto nostalgia.

Over the last two albums PJ have been exploring with their sound. Some fans have not enjoyed it however. To be honest, I lost touch with the band over those albums although there were one or two great songs that came from there.

Lightning Bolt, is brilliant in so many regards. It sounds old school yet right up with the times.

The opening lines of the album grab your attention: “Everyone’s a critic looking back up the river / every boat is leaking in this town.”

This will be a personal anthem for many listeners. Eddie Vedder does that thing he does by adding a sort of desperation to his voice.

Track two is MIND YOUR MANNERS; the first single off the album. Crank this one really loud, it’ll make you want to kick over stuff and smile about it.

This album is packed with punch and questions wrapped in longing. It seems Eddie has tried religion and that has just pissed him off. (I don’t blame him. American religion is like the ugly franchise of MacDonald’s.)

I am old school in the way that I still like having the physical record and I don’t like ordering via iTunes. So holding the album in my hands, I am impressed with the artwork and lay out of Lightning Bolt.

Sirens is a winner of a song. The ballad feel to the song will take you to places and have you recalling memories.

“It’s a fragile thing, this life we lead.”

Infallible and Let the Records Play are among my favourites of the album. Lyrically, they’re inspiring. A bit tongue in cheek and musically arranged in true Pearl Jam fashion.

My dream is to still see PJ play live. I hope they grace South African shores soon. And if they toured with this album; I would be stoked.

If you’re new to Pearl Jam, I would implore, get this album. This is a good introduction to the band.
If you’re an old Faithful. You will still believe, with this album blaring on your stereo.

pj-1381249446 (Medium)

Don’t delay, go get this album!

“I can feel the dawn, I can feel the Earth, I can feel the living all around.” Swallowed Whole



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