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Where is God?

I know this man seems to bring some controversy. I dig it. Makes people think.

So I’ve been meaning to read his latest book. So this post are not my words, but his. But I had to smile. Actually, I am beaming. Because I resonate so well with what he shares in these words:

“I remember years ago hearing someone tell a dramatic story about something incredible…he summarised what had happened… And then (declared) God showed up.

If God showed up, then prior to that, was God somewhere else?”


“I’ve encountered this conception of God countless times over the years, a perspective that isn’t as much about who God is as where God is. I’ve heard people pray and ask God to be with them, I’ve heard songs inviting God to come near; I’ve heard a good event described as a God thing – all of these undergirded by the subtle yet powerful belief that God is somewhere else and then comes here to this world from time to time to do God sorts of things.”
That’s brilliant! Don’t you think?

(From PG 98 of his book)



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