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1) Open hands
You wait in the rain,
The lights interchange; green, orange and then red.
I wonder where you sleep at night?
Ndu, I give you something to eat.
Earlier today, I gave you a pair of shorts too.
I know they’re just mere possessions.
It’s all I can give.
I wonder where you sleep?
And I wonder what you dream about?
What did you want to be?

2) Each week
I thought up this quote: “Our routine can be someone else’s revelation.”

We meet each week
Play and sing songs we’re familiar with.
Yet in that same place
What we have become so use to
May just be a first time for someone.
Through a spoken word
Through a lyric sung
Through a friendly gesture
Someone is enlightened.
Someone may be set free.

So discount the routine.
It could be someone’s revelation

3) Taken aback

I look ridiculous with a moustache
With this Movember madness we create awareness for this dreaded disease: cancer.
I play indoor football (soccer) each week and last night I was taken aback.
The ref who I see each week for almost a year now… notices the ‘tash’ on my face and respects it adding these words “my mother and brother had died from cancer.”

Bam! I was convicted!
I look and feel ridiculous.
Yet this is still a statement bringing awareness…

Hope this blog on this Thursday finds you well…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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