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Song of the Week 36 (Kings of Leon – Supersoaker)

I am really enjoying this latest album by Kings of Leon.

How would they come back with an album that would top the sound and offering of their previous album: Come Around Sundown

indexHere is the latest single of their latest album Mechanical Bull.

I dig the old school / retro filming of this video:

This band for me offers a unique breed of rock.  Caleb’s voice will grab most people’s attention.  I dig the dirty / edgy guitar sound of the song: Don’t matter.

Go and check this album out now. 🙂

Kings of Leon – Supersoaker

[Verse 1:]
My motivation has gone too soon
Good vibrations all over you
Act like you mean it, you mean it
You’ve got a story you never tell
Down in the delta I’m ringing bells
I’ve never seen it, seen it
Back of my mind I’m on my way
I see through smiles on every face
I don’t believe it, believe it

Pre – Chorus:
Cause I’m a supersoaker red, white,
And blew em all away
With the kisses unclean
as the words that you say

I don’t mind sentimental girls at times
Mister walk away, walk away

[Verse 2:]
The flags are flying across the plains
I’ve got a secret picking at my brain
I wanna see you, see you
The exit sign is on my face
Don’t know my home, I don’t know my place
I just wanna be there, be there

I don’t mind sentimental girls at times
I just lay it on the line, on the line



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