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Does money buy happiness?

I had this little thought this morning.

There are two approaches to this statement.  One could say “money doesn’t buy happiness.”  But that’s not entirely true.  I really ENJOY travelling.  If I had the money, I would travel a whole lot more.  And yes, that would make me HAPPY.  An not some sort of “disillusioned happiness” but in fact a genuine happiness.


When one begins to believe and live as if “money is the only source of happiness” then their is something dangerously wrong with that notion.

Because happiness does not just come from money. Happiness comes from good friendships / from love / from our hobbies / from our faith / from art and beauty / from good music.

So if you are relying on money to be your main source of happiness, I challenge you to open your eyes and hearts to other channels.  Because they are there…

I have seen poor people (in the material sense) who are are still happy.

Just some Tuesday musings…




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