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Cellphones & Cars (we are so ARROGANT – it angers me)


This is my ANGRY blog.
I am pointing fingers and ME and YOU.
Yes, I am guilty of this too.
I have got a lot better over the last few months…
BUT I am no saint.
YET I continue to face and hopefully (soon) beat this struggle:

Why do you and I have this obsession to USE our phones while we are driving?
What and WHO is that IMPORTANT that we need to text / bbm / whatsapp / call while we are driving.
(I am not referring to those who use hands-free kits.)
From our starting off point to our destination… why do we as drivers NEED to look at our phones?

Since the rising popularity of mobile (cell) phones we’re so obsessed and dependent with/on them.
I mean there is time (when we are driving) that we could be free from that life distraction.
We have a time (to obviously focus) on our driving
But to rid ourselves for a brief moment from constant “human contact.”

If we were in a conversation with someone (before we started driving), just leave it till we arrive at our destination.

I just wonder how many people have had accidents and maybe even DIED because of careless driving because of talking on a phone. and then some people would have the audacity to blame God or whatever higher power (they choose) to ask “why did God let my loved one die?” are you and I seriously putting such a dumb question before our God?

– firstly law of the land, no talking / using phones while we drive.
– could you not use that time “away from your phone” to gather your own thoughts
– or just soak in the peace and stillness?

we think the world or our friends are gonna SHUT DOWN if we’re not responding on our phones right away! How ARROGANT!

So if you find yourself driving with me, and you see me wanting to glance to phone please REBUKE me… because I would be an idiot in that moment like the many other drivers who do the same…

I thank my family and friends who do challenge me already.
Get of your friggen phones people!!!



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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