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A year of leaving…

Two days ago in the a car park along Durban Beachfront I said goodbye to my friend Angie.

IMG_0953 (Medium)She is heading off to Miami to work there for a few months.

This year has been a year of leaving.  So many cool friends have left.  This blog is a bit of a “shout out” to them all.

When things when chaotic in my previous church, Angie was loyal.  She has seen me as a friend.  Not only a “church staff person.” She gave me the coolest compliment one “you have the best taste of music!” Agreed! (haha)

Then in August, my friend Jet left:

DSCF0354Over many beers, good conversation, an incredible hike in the stunning Drakensburg mountains, watching and playing some football; Jet has been such a cool friend.  I met him a year ago when I arrived in HMC and he was so welcoming and loyal.  Big up dude!

Then in May, my very good friend Nick (and his family left):

524066_10151119879985777_1076303079_n (Medium)How do I put a whole lot of years into some words?  Hmm.  Here are some: singing on the Tube in London, many pints / drafts, bad karaoke renditions / loads of laughter and conversations.  And many parties and jols.  Nick, and incredible and loyal friend.  Who saw me not as “Darrel the youth pastor” but Darrel the person.  And that means so much more!  respect dude!

In July, Sarah from the States left.  She worked at our church for a few weeks.  And God used this wonderful person to speak such incredible truths and convictions in my life.  Means a lot.

July2013 341 (Large)Then earlier in the year (March)… Franzi left.  Around for only two months, she was so much fun.  We had many cool times “running” the youth.  Sipping on beer (well she drank cider), watched a band.

P1040363 (Medium)(Celebrating St Paddy’s Day)

I am discovering more and more that Germans make real cool friends.  I have more than a handful of them already.

So this was just a little ode to some amazing people in my life thus far.

I keep thanking God for all the people that are in my life.  There is a crap load of them.  Some just for a season.  But most stay season in and season out.

Here to many more memories and chapters!  Godspeed all of you.







I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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