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A sense of freedom

A quick post.
A need to share.
Took some of my youth out to Glengarry (near Kamberg, Drakensburg) yesterday to join some others at our church camp.
When we got there it was scorching hot so we decided to head down to the river.
Two of teens hadn’t brought costumes along.
So I just encouraged them to just jump in the river with their clothes.
(The would certainly dry by the end of the day.)

What I enjoyed was how they “let go” their inhibitions and followed my suggestion.
We swam / floated down the river.
Was a lot of fun.

The feeling of freedom I felt.
Time wasn’t an issue.
“Caring what people thought” didn’t cross our minds…
We just lived.
We just adventured!

But the “feeling” I battle to point into words was how these young people.
In usual circumstances would say “but I don’t have a spare change of clothes”
and come up with all sorts of excuses.

Sometimes we need to think less.
Live more.
Adventure comes knocking at anytime. Stop making excuses for joining it…



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