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People are Predictable – Miley Cyrus…

… Where are the “judges” now?
Where are the critics?
They have turned to fans… Or maybe there were fans all along anyway?

This is my two cents or maybe my four cents…

A few backs, Miley shocked the world at the VMA’s. Well that’s what it seems to be like at the time.

But let me guess.
A lot of those apparent “moral judges” have just really given into a very clever “marketing gimmick”

They’re still listening to her albums.

People seemed shocked by what she did.
But the whole nature of her album Bangerz seems to be provocative and sexual anyway.

I saw an older video off that album earlier today and that was already of a fleshy and bizarre nature…

I think two things in regard to Miss Cyrus:

1) She may be caught in a “system” being told what to do to get the record sales. The aim of a lot of pop music is to shock people. She is merely a product…

Or I think

2) People “threw stones” at her with her twerking malarkey but maybe they secretly admired a sort of freedom she demonstrated…

I don’t know. I am just thinking.

But I do notice how people just jump on the “band wagons”
I guess life and its news and drama bring about a sort of “crowd control”

Because maybe you making a “noise” at that twerking time…
You blogging about it…
You facebooking or tweeting it…

Was all because you actually longed to be noticed too… ?

Anyway… These are some of my ramblings… Take them or leave them…

I’m just another voice among many others…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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