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Cape Town. Captivated.

Cape Town.  The “city that never sleeps.”

I guess you can say that about a few cities.  However, I want to claim that for my recent trip to Cape Town, in my opinion, South Africa’s prettiest and buzzing city. Out of eight days, I spent four of them in Simon’s Town and the rest in the city centre.

Simon’s Town, a naval town situated on the east side of the Cape Peninsula.

I highly recommend catching the metro train in from the city centre.

pic 1

(Price: R8 – R12 / First Class ± R4 – R6 more on each ticket / Look out for Metro Plus on the carriages, those are the first class areas)

From the train one has a stunning view of the ocean from Muizenberg (a popular surf spot) onwards to the end of the line.

For the fit, one can attempt walking up the 340 Klaver steps which leads you to the famous dog’s grave: JUST NUISANCE (acclaimed to have been the only dog officially enlisted in the Royal Navy) and a spectacular view of Mackerel Bay.

pic 2

We ended our day at quaint little restaurant called Harbour View (MORE INFO HERE) which has the most divine milkshakes and I spoiled myself to some chocolate mousse cake.  The view on this particularly afternoon was rather meditative:

pic 3

One of the days we found ourselves venturing into the city centre where we perused the stalls of Long Market Street and Green Market Square and embraced the stunning setting of V & A Waterfront.

pic 4

It’s difficult to capture exactly how I felt trying to take in all that “information” I was experiencing at the waterfront.  One could see / hear tourists and locals enjoying themselves.  The beautiful Table Mountain looming behind us.  The backdrop of the blue sky.  The docked yachts and boats.  Plenty of options to have a drink or a meal.  All added to wonderful experience:

pic 5 pic 6

One morning a friend and I had breakfast along Kloof Street at Arnold’s (THEIR WEBSITE) with a great view of Table Mountain.

(Breakfast Special: R45 – includes a cappuccino, two eggs, toast, tomato, sausage and bacon.)

pic 7a

Be sure to note the arty and familiar sight of differently painted apartments lined together (seems to be in a lot of a popular cities I have visited):

pic 7b

Other local trendy places/spots I visited while I was there that I recommend:

Company Gardens – Take a stroll through the gardens and be greeted by squirrels and various birds.

Roxy’s – A retro night spot with random newsprint and music icon strewn across the walls, cheap local beer (R10) and even a mannequin who holds the toilet roll for you.

Hudson’s Burgers – The tastiest burgers in town, combined with the smooth taste of a local brewed ale (Mitchell’s) and some good rock tunes in the background. Bliss.

All in all, a brilliant time in the mother city of Cape Town.

1) For more information on other interesting Cape Town attractions, go HERE

2) For a more detailed and a more personal blog about my trip click: The Coolest Cape Town Adventure



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