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Serving before being entertained

In my years of youth ministry I have never really done the Friday night Youth thing.
When I have tried. It hasn’t really worked in the context that I have found myself in.
There always seems to be a mega church nearby running “something bigger” so people tend to flock to that.

Because a crowd draws a crowd.

However, today I was surprised at the willing teens I had joining me today.

I believe more and more, that youth don’t want to be entertained.
They want purpose.
They want a mission.

Today, we started our “serving” Friday with our youth. We went to the Aids Centre in Hillcrest and made and served a meal for/to the patients in the Respite unit.

I was surprised when I asked for help what teens stepped up to volunteer.
Not even the “usual” ones but in fact others.
I noticed these young people want to serve. They want to do something that matters…



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