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I wanna hold your hand…

We had such a profound service tonight.
Andrew (one of my ministers) and I planned and envisioned an interactive service.
We wanted to have four stations where people could reflect on certain things.

We focussed on our HANDS. The good use and bad use of them.

With our hands we can build,
Or we can hurt…
With our hands we can embrace,
Or we can push away…

So with that in my mind we started the service off with a girl singing a cover of a Beatle’s song “I wanna hold your hand.”

Then later in the service we did the interactive reflective part:

Station one: the division from creation. Here people could take a shot glass of water… And as they sip on it… They would think carefully the negative impact we can have on creation.

Station two: the division in personal relationships. Here people could sit with super glue and try and mend a broken pot. This signified the need for restoration of ‘rocky’ relationships.

Station three: War Torn Regions. With rocks and bricks scattered on the table… Here we would thing of unrest and war. With those rocks / stones… The positive use of them… Would be to create something… Yet the negative side is that they are used to hurt and kill.

Station four: division among young ones.
This station involved crayons, kid’s chairs. Here people would pray for children who go through abuse.

A definite “weighty” service.
But I really like doing church in a more interactive reflective way.

One needs to be creative… In how we deliver the truth and teachings of Jesus…



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