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Ripping and Shredding

paper_shreddingDisclaimer: This is not a “feel sorry” for me blog at all.  It’s just an older guy observing stuff from his past.

This morning I had an interesting hour of ripping and shredding… my journals from the past.  Some musings from that experience in no particular order:

1) In the years that have gone by, I have never looked back at these journals.  So why keep them?

2) Looking in them, I realise how shitty I have treated some girls in my past relationships.  Have I learnt from that?  i wonder…

3) Sometimes, in looking back… I realise, I am not moving forward in the lessons that I should learn.

4) I won’t hang on regret for the stupid things I’ve done.  So hence, why the ripping and shredding.

5) I noted a line I often said “I want to grow up.”  In some weird ways, I guess it’s bugged me when people see me “just as a boy” .  I look young for my age.  That’s a good thing indeed.  But I don’t like getting treated like a kid.  I am a man

6) Maybe in the past, I was better at letting people in.  Now, not so much.  or maybe, in the past, I sucked at it too… who knows.

7) It’s good to “take stock” and write your thoughts down.  hence, why I like blogging.  because with this online community, people sgare wisdom with you.  people identify with one’s mistakes and glories.

So if i do write my stuff down in future, it will probably be here on my laptop.  Maybe I will go back and visit.  Maybe I won’t.

8) Looking back in the rear view mirror is not always helpful.  Sometimes one needs to embrace the presence and future a whole lot more wholeheartedly with their gaze ahead!

9) I am grateful for my life.  the crappy things and the good things.

10) I am seen.  And I still want to be seen more.



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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