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There is a lot of bulls…

“There is a lot of bullshit here” my fellow leader said to me.

We were at the closing ceremony of CHRYSALIS, a three day retreat for teenagers and young adults.

As some of these teenage guys shared their testimonies of what the last 3 days meant for them and what they will be doing with what they have learnt; in their next steps…

This leader could see the “bullshit” that some of them were speaking.
I did speak against him though. I do agree that maybe some of these boys didnt really mean what they were saying.
Maybe even some of them were caught up in the “emotion and hype” of it all.

Yet, I know their promises don’t fall on Deaf Ears… God heard.
And God believes in the better for these young men.


On that closing day, they may have not meant their words entirely.
However God, in His time will convict those young guys.

Who knows, it may be in a few days time, maybe a few weeks. Or even a few years later.

God may challenge them: “Remember that time at that closing ceremony, when you publically declared those promises to me? Well, now is the time to step up to that!”

So sometimes… the words may not seem to ring true…YET they come fruition when the time is right…



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