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“I’m Bored!”

I heard a young person say this the other day: “I’m bored!”

Is this the condition of these times?
Teenagers look forward to holidays and when they come around, they utter words “I’m bored!”

What happened to the zest for life?
What happened to creativity?
What happened to giving of one self for another?


There is so much to do. Yes, I am gonna give a list.

Read, sip and appreciate a cup of tea / coffee. Meet a friend for a cuppa and a chat. Go to a movie. Watch a DVD, watch some series. Do a puzzle. Go for a ride. Go for a run. Go for a picnic. Go for a walk. Sit in your garden. Lie under that stars. Write a letter to a friend. Listen to someone. Listen to your favourite band, an entire album from beginning to end, reading through the lyrics. bake something. Write. Sing. dance. count your blessings. Go sit on the swings at the park. Collect things. Go geocaching. Go to the mall. Stay on the beach for the whole day. swim. surf. play soccer. God forbid, I say this… if yoy have a gaming console… play it.

(and that list is still small. one can add to it…)

and how about some selfless things too:
help at a charity, volunteer at a community project. feed the poor.
visit the elderly or those in hospital.
teens: wash dishes for your family, mow the lawn.

And if you’re a Christian person, I can add this:
Pray for family members by name. pray for friends by name. read and saturate scripture.
Write encouraging letters to friends.

Seriously NO ONE has ANY excuse to utter that horrible phrase: “I’m bored!”

Don’t be like that! Use your creativity within!



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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