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Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
You know me, I like to formulate my thoughts.
So I write to you, just so that u may hear me out.
(I got a feeling others may peer into my thoughts too. I guess that’s alright.)

Came to the Drakensburg for 2 nights. We decided to have a two hour silent retreat.

So here I am sat on a bench at a Monk’s cowl golf course. (That’s so how a British person would write a sentence.)

I have walked about 2km from the cottage I am staying at.

I was reading my book, Lee Child is a good action junkie writer. His main character in his books: Jack Reacher inspires me. He has no address. He is rather nomadic. Dig it!

So after reading a chapter of the book I decided to go for a walk, bearing in mind I should be silent (not speaking out loud)

I did greet the security guard at the gate of the estate. Would have been just plain rude to ignore him.

I walked on.
Not evening speaking out my thoughts… That would be noisy.

I noticed the many birds around me. I have a thing for Birds. (Only a loving and diverse Creator, would create more than one species of birds.)

Why not? It’s His world.

Anyway, walking on.
I came across some litter.

And a plastic bag. I decided for the next km, let me just pick up litter / rubbish.
Why not? I felt maybe it would make God smile.

Does it make a difference? Who knows? Its not about that though.
I just felt obedient to a prompting within me. Take it or leave it, I went with it.

I managed to fill that bag rather quickly. It blows my mind, how savage and un-appreciative people are.

If you can afford to own a second home here in these Estates, surely you have afforded the eduction that littering is such a poorly and disgusting thing to do?!

Anyway, I thought… Well there is always a geocache wherever one goes. Let me look for one. So setting my compass; I found a rather sneaky one. Well hidden.

What a pleasant walk that was.
I got to care for the environment.
I got to witness the beauty of nature.
I got to enjoy my Geocaching hobby.
I got to hear my Creator.
I got to listen to my heart.
I got to feel content and appreciate the journey of my life.

So now, a not so confident golfer, asked if I didn’t mind moving from the bench where I had been sat. (Loving the britishness – that I am busting out here in this blog)

He said his golf is not that good. So I have got up, prefer not to be hit by a golf ball. I finish this paragraph… And I click on the publish button now….



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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