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571 Days / 81 weeks and 4 days – (TWITTURGIES)

571 Days / 81 weeks and 4 days – (TWITTURGIES)
25 June 2013

I worked for a minister named Paul in England, it the quaint town on Bicester. Oh, how that little Methodist church and the community that I got involved with, have warmed my heart so much over the time I was there and even being back in South Africa.

If I had to unfold my heart and lay it flat, it would be intriguing to see all the spaces I have placed all the amazing people I have met in my life thus far.

Back to Paul and his lovely wife, Mel. When I left, they gave me this book: Twitturgies.

TWITTURGIESCheck out Twitturgies HERE
I didn’t want to rush through it. I liked how it used the concept of Twitter to offer short and precise prayers to God.
Max Lucado once said brevity is important. I agree, one babbles on too much at times…

So these short prayers have been so impactful for me. The book is supposed to last a year; it took me longer than that. Didn’t want to rush it, just wanted the prayers to soak into my Spirit. A lot of them did just that.

I am thankful for well thought out gifts. As a person who likes words, that book collided greatly with my interest.
I don’t need to go into details, but I know in certain seasons of my life; I have read the right twitturgy (prayer) at the precise time.

Now after 571 days, I conclude that book.
From cover to cover, my spirituality has deepened. My trust in God has grown.
I am thankful.



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