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Reflections from my birthday


As Friday approached,
I was uneasy about my birthday. In hindsight, not sure why.
I know during the week, I was thinking “who am I” who would come out to celebrate with me?
I know that sounds very emo… i guess that’s the negative side of me constantly thinking…

Anyway, Friday came… and oh my, what an excellent day!
Firstly, i love that it’s the winter solstace here.
Being the shortest day, longest night.
Meaning from my birthday (21 june) onwards, the days start getting longer again as we approach Spring.
So my day carries some sort of significance. Well, I dig it.

Then I was overwhelmed (in a good way), with overseas calls, whatsapp and bbm wishes. Over 150 wall posts. Emails and I even received two gifts via post, one from England and the other, Germany.
I am blessed to have met so many people along the way.

In the office, a cake was made for me. So coffee and cake was an order.
Then at lunch time, I celebrated with my youth. We had pizza and milkshakes.
As they sat around at the table, I realised all these teens come with their onw sets of complexities and each with their own unique world view. (God loves them big time)

Just grateful that I get to show (like a tourguide) the heart of God. yes, even me, I can do that. Thank you Jesus.

Then in the evening, i met up with friends at the Firkin. Some from Hillcrest, some from Toti, some from Westville and a friend from Durban North too.
I smiled at how all these people along to celebrate with me. I was moved.
There are a lot more people out there who care for me than I realise.

Sometimes, I don’t open myself up to that. I am learning to do so more readily.

So all in all, I had an amazing day.
The counter is filled with Biltong, cards, chocolates, personal thought out gifts for me.
The remnants of a great day.

Am thankful for another year.
And besides, 33 looks like such a cool number.

High Five,



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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