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These badges carry stories

A friend of mine is off to the States. That made me think of how she will probably go past many of the “MacDonald’s” of the rock world; namely: Hard Rock Café.

I asked her to get me a guitar pin if she gets a chance.
Then I thought of the others I have collected over the years:


I have noted, it’s one of my hobbies, I guess. I like collecting things. From postcards, to Lego Minifigures and even these pins:

Prague – Came here with my good friend, Edwin, armed with a snowboard injury (damaged ligaments), I hobbled around the city of Prague, and managed to visit this café too sipping on some Czech beer.

London – This one escapes my memory. Who did I go there with?

Manchester – I went with one guy from my youth group in Bicester. His name: Stephen. We went to watch Angels and Airwaves. So I thought, why not, let’s get a hard rock café badge from this city too.

Berlin – Sitting in this café was awesome. We had travelled for about 5 or 6 hours in thick snow from Warsaw to Berlin in the middle of winter. We were tourists off to see the spectacular German city. From mulled wine, to Legoland to brandwurst to walking along to Berlin wall to ending off a day sitting in the hard rock café sipping some German beer. Good times!

Warsaw – I think this may be where my badge (pin) collection started. Visiting my friend Darren, who was dating a Polish girl at the time; was cool to tick off another country in my European travels.

Amsterdam – Pushing my dad around this city in his wheel chair with cobbled roads was a mission. So when we finally did have this beer here, I was grateful… and my thirst was quenched.

Rome – My friend, Clint and I did a trip to Italy seeing both Rome and the stunning Sorrento. I admit here at this hard rock café I felt and sensed “the overboard tourist attraction ness” of these stores. It felt like the “MacDonald’s” of the rock world…

I think this was the last badge I got before I headed back to South Africa.

But now after writing this blog, my travel bug is quickened again. I have been really blessed with all the places I have seen thus far in my life… I look forward to seeing more…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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